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People shots & group Photos

We've captured event photos that have people in them and spent extra time on their tags and captions so you can find yourself. Try searching for your name in the search engine, you might find yourself here!

Note this process is very labor intensive. Our first attempt at 1990-2002 took us about 10 hours to put together. For this reason, we didn't go back and research everyone's name and spelling. There are mistakes, apologies if you or your name is one of them. As you find them, please email us, and we'll fix it next time we publish them. Thanks for your understanding and help. Note that the photos for 2002 and earlier in these collections are for 2 or more people only.

Please note that the search engines index our site every 2-3 weeks, so it may take some time for the latest photos and your name to show up.

It's interesting to note the progress of technology & the number and quality of the pictures. I got my first digital camera in 2002 with 128MB of memory. Before that, the state of the art was Judy getting her film developed with an extra floppy disk of 640x480 resolution photos for only $10! In 2005, Rob and Kerstin bought newer cameras, and the price of Camera Memory was now cheap enough to buy 1GB sticks.

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