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We've taken several short video clips. Video is a great way to show a landscape, capture the sounds of wildlife, and the merriment of friends. Each of these video clips is short in length, and has been saved as a windows .wmv file. You should be able to stream play the file without having to download the whole thing before watching it. Note these files are large and may slow down your internet connection a bit while playing. More videos can be found at are created using our video creation process.


File Date Time Description Owner Dimensions Duration Size
  TBD   Rob Laddish   ? ?


File Date Time Description Owner Dimensions Duration Size
2006_0922_swifts.jpg (16205 bytes) 2006; Sept 22 (pics) Viewing Swift birds descend into chimney for the night Rob Laddish 768x1024 1 min 03 sec 23MB


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